Students enrolled in LCA are given diagnostic tests to determine skill and concept mastery. Enrolled families are assigned an experienced academic advisor who evaluates the diagnostic tests and prescribes curriculum based on the student’s individual needs. Weak areas (gaps) are strengthened first; then the student continues, progressing at his achievement level.

Academic advisors prepare a projected course of study for high school students, outlining all courses needed for graduation. Four courses of study are offered: Honors, College Preparatory, General, and Vocational.

Academic records are maintained based on tests and grades submitted by the parent. Progress Reports (Report Cards) are prepared and sent to the parent at the end of each semester.

Standardized testing allows a student’s academic progress to be assessed annually. The Iowa Assessments are used by LCA to measure a student’s actual achievement within his or her ability.

Students have the opportunity to earn college credit through ACBI while enrolled in LCA.

LCA maintains a permanent school record for each student. Official transcripts are sent to schools and colleges as requested. Enrollment verification is also provided as needed.

LCA provides accredited diplomas for students that have met all graduation requirements. Accreditation aids students as they participate in sports programs, apply for federal grants, or pursue admission to colleges.

Graduates of LCA have the opportunity to attend the LCA graduation ceremony. Contact your advisor for the date and location.

LCA students, their parents, and organizations may request an official LCA transcript using the online form. Transcript requests for students under the age of 18 require parental permission. Third-party requests for official transcripts require student or parental permission.

Dual Enrollment Program

Students who attend a school that has earned A.C.E. Model or Quality Status have the opportunity to receive an accredited transcript and diploma through participation in the LCA Dual Enrollment Program.

Student Programs

Students enrolled in LCA have the great opportunity to get involved in A.C.E. Student Conventions and ACEM Student Programs. These programs allow students to build character and learn leadership skills outside the home or Learning Center.