Dual Enrollment

Online Enrollment

Schools that have earned A.C.E. Model Status or Quality Status have the opportunity to enroll their on-campus high school students in the LCA Dual Enrollment Program. Qualifying graduates will earn an accredited diploma and transcript based on the LCA Courses of Study and the LCA Graduation Requirements.  Schools may now begin the Dual Enrollment process by clicking on the Online Enrollment button above and choosing the Dual Enrollment Application Package.


Students will receive:

  • An accredited LCA diploma upon completion of requirements. 
  • An official transcript.
  • Direction and guidance from experienced academic advisors.
  • An invitation to attend LCA's full-service graduation ceremony.
  • The opportunity to earn college credits through ACBI while enrolled in LCA.

Enrollment Deadline: October 15

For accreditation purposes, each student seeking to enroll in this program will need to apply at the beginning of each school year. LCA will validate and walk through the entire academic year with the student. Student applications must be submitted by October 15 each year. LCA encourages schools to inform parents of the benefits their students gain from the LCA Dual Enrollment Program and of the Dual Enrollment deadline.


Fees as of January 1, 2020*
Application $100
One-time fee
Enrollment $200
Graduation $75
*Does not include processing fees charged by FACTS Mgmt.