Homeschool Enrollment

Online Enrollment

It is our desire to provide each applicant with the best possible learning experience. Due to increased interest in our program, it may be necessary for new students in the following locations to be placed on a waiting list for enrollment.

Hawaii, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, Oregon, Rhode Island, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, and Washington

As openings become available, applicants will be enrolled in order of the date applications are submitted. Please be advised that submitting your application will result in a nonrefundable application fee and FACTS fee, even if your enrollment is not completed. We apologize for this inconvenience.

Once enrollment is processed, your academic advisor will contact you to order curriculum and be of assistance. 

Annual fees are based on each student's grade level and include curriculum as prescribed by an academic advisor for the current school year (PACEs, Score Keys, literature, and required resources). Full-time seniors enrolling with three credits or fewer are advised to contact their academic advisor for further options. The application processing fee is nonrefundable; however, the annual enrollment fee and tuition are refundable for a limited time. (See the LCA Student Handbook for details.)

Payment Options

One-Payment Option
Application Processing Fee Per Child
K-12 $100*    
Enrollment Fee and Tuition Per Child
K-8 $850*  
9-11 $950*  
12 $1,025*  (Includes senior fee)

*Does not include FACTS Mgmt. fees: 2.85% credit card fee (per transaction) and processing fees totaling $30. 

Payment-Plan Option
Application Processing Fee Per Child
   K-12 $100*
Enrollment Fee and Tuition Per Child
Enrollment Fee Tuition 
K-8 $400*  $450*†
9-11 $350*  $600*†
12 $425* $600*†

*Does not include FACTS Mgmt. fees: 2.85% credit card fee (per transaction) and processing fees totaling $30.

†Tuition payments follow the payment schedule you choose. Choosing three or more payments will increase the FACTS processing fees to a total of $60. A $15 installment fee will be charged per payment.


After paying the annual enrollment fee and your advisor has reviewed and confirmed the order, you will receive your child's academic curriculum for the entire year. 


To show appreciation for our LCA families, the following discounts are available:

    • Receive a $75 discount each year for each additional enrolled child after the first enrolled child.
    • Receive a $75 discount each year for each returning student.
(Please note: Discounts when paying enrollment and tuition fees in full will be deducted at time of enrollment. If using the payment-plan option, discounts will be deducted from the final monthly payment.)

Part-Time Enrollment

LCA is now enrolling part-time students for up to three courses. The enrollment fee includes the services of an experienced academic advisor, course curriculum, an accredited transcript, and Progress Reports. Call 1-866-746-6534 today to find out more about part-time enrollment in LCA.

LCA Part-Time Fees
1 Course or 1 Credit $250*
2 Courses or 2 Credits $500*
3 Courses or 3 Credits $750*

*Curriculum, application processing fee, and shipping within the United States are included. Foreign language curriculum is not included.
 Does not include processing fees charged by FACTS Mgmt.

After Enrollment

Each enrolled student is given diagnostic tests for accurate placement (unless the student last attended a school using the A.C.E. School of Tomorrow® curriculum). Your academic advisor will call to discuss the prescription and place your curriculum order. Allow 3 weeks to finalize enrollment, to complete testing, and to receive an academic evaluation. Allow an additional 3-4 weeks to receive the curriculum.