Frequently Asked Questions

A full-service program such as Lighthouse Christian Academy (LCA) validates the education you provide your student. LCA acts as a third party evaluating and producing each student's records, projected course of study, and official transcript. The academy guides each student in earning an accredited diploma. Verification of enrollment, official transcripts, and standardized tests are available upon request.

LCA has earned full accreditation through three accreditation agencies. See the Accreditation page for more information. 

If you are interested in taking advantage of the LCA homeschool program, visit the Homeschool Enrollment page to get started. If your student is attending or will be attending a private school, visit the Dual Enrollment page to get started. 

LCA exclusively uses the A.C.E. program for all enrolled students. To learn more about the A.C.E. program visit the A.C.E. website

View a booklet containing a list of colleges and universities that have accepted graduates from schools and/or homeschools using the A.C.E. School of Tomorrow program.  Students were accepted by these institutions on an individual basis.