About Us

The LCA mission is to provide Biblically based, individualized, self-instructional curriculum while assisting the family with their homeschool needs. This is accomplished in a learning environment with informed family members assisted by experienced LCA advisors who supervise the educational process. The A.C.E. program and PACEs challenge students to develop a relationship with Jesus Christ, incorporating the character traits of the Lord.


LCA currently serves over 4,500 students across the United States and around the world and has met the needs of homeschool families for over 35 years. Students are assigned academic advisors who counsel them on all academic matters related to the A.C.E. program and keep permanent student records. Students earn an accredited diploma after completing their course of study. LCA believes that the successful education of a child begins with the parent and provides homeschool parents with the support that they need in the educational process.


In addition to providing homeschool students with an accredited diploma, LCA also offers a Dual Enrollment program for students attending schools using A.C.E. that have earned Model or Quality Status. High school students will be given a projected course of study which will place them on the right track to graduate with an accredited LCA Diploma. The Dual Enrollment program allows LCA students to earn an accredited diploma, more easily transfer credits, and have wider access to programs and scholarships.


This handbook contains general information regarding the Lighthouse Christian Academy (LCA) administration, procedures, and fees. LCA reserves the right to change items contained in this handbook. Effective dates for all changes are at the discretion of the academy and may apply to each student enrolled at the time.

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