Lighthouse Christian Academy


“When my son was deafened by meningitis at two years of age, I thought my dream of giving him a fine Christian education was ended. Reluctantly, I enrolled him in the deaf education program at the local public school. To make a long story short, I was not pleased with the quality of education he was receiving. I began to homeschool him, and he began to blossom. He was recently tested by a clinical psychologist. His reading is on grade level and his math skills are above grade level! The LCA program is ‘made to order’ for teaching the deaf.”
L. Roper

“I would like to let you know of the fine academic performance of one of your students. Steven was among 107 students who earned the General Honors Certificate. This recognition goes to those students who take an array of Honors courses and maintain an “A” average in their studies. We are particularly proud of Steven’s accomplishments because they result from his initiative in choosing more demanding and enriching course work this year. His academic successes reflect upon the excellent education that he received through your curriculum.”
R. Brown
Director, University Honors Program
University of Delaware

“My homeschooling has meant so much in my life. It has shown me that the Lord has a will for my life. Now I know He allowed me to study in this way so that I will be prepared for college. I’m grateful to everyone who makes LCA available in all countries so we can share the blessings of Christ.”
Y. Gomez Guzman

“Homeschooling has provided me with the opportunity to succeed academically without limiting my activities. It has transformed me from a person who expects someone to hand me knowledge, to someone who searches and is motivated by a passion to learn. With independent study, I have been able to complete required courses, finish high school in three years, have enough time to study trombone, and pursue my interests and goals.”
K. Erickson

“I’ve really had an advantage because I’ve had to motivate myself to do work instead of having a teacher standing there telling me what to do. I had to have my own incentive to do it, just because I want to learn. I think I’m more mature. I think I am more comfortable with who I am as a person than most students my age because of my experiences with homeschooling.”
S. McCullar